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huesofyou's Journal

Hues of You
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A touch up community.

huesofyou is a community for people interested in having photos anywhere from naturally rejuvenated to transformed into a whole new photo manipulation in their choice fashion. This is done completely for free, for all livejournal users, as long as they don't mind their pictures being used as examples for a possible career in the future. This is also an attempt to keep my skills from getting rusty. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

I make pictures of any kind for IMVU avatars and World of Warcraft characters. On a different subject, I make layouts as well. Check out the Examples section if you're confused.

This community is maintained and moderated by ignacia .

1.All picture request posts must be made with the Post Form on this page (just to make things easier) or they will be deleted. Don't be afraid to ask questions, etc.
2.In order to post your pictures for me to use, you must upload them to a hosting site through your computer. Try Imageshack.
3.Members of this community are not allowed to heckle or make fun of other members. If you decide it's a good idea, you will be kicked.
4.If you're not pleased with the end result of your pictures, don't freak out or be disrespectful (see Rule #2.) What you get is what you pay for. I have no problems trying again a time or two to get what you want.
5.When it comes to graphic content, please try to keep it low. No pornography. Only respectable pictures.

These are some examples with some key words of techniques. Don't be afraid to suggest your own type of techniques, these are just to give people ideas.

Click to see full size images.

By DeadpanAlice.
Create one for free at IMVU.com.

I have a Photobucket album for some of my older examples.
Click to see full size images.

1.Right click on the text in the scroll box below and choose the words "Select All".
2.Right click again on the now highlighted text and choose the word "Copy".
3.Go to Update Journal and select to post to huesofyou before pasting the text into the Update Form. It'll be easier to use the code if you choose the Rich Text tab instead of HTML. Paste into the Rich text box by pressing Ctrl+V.

I will need pictures of your face and hair type. Just try a PrntScrn shot in the showroom before entering gameplay.

My name is Jodi, I'm 20 years old, and I've been fooling around with Photoshop for maybe 4 or 5 years now. I'm not very good at actual line art and drawing, so I guess this is my way of cheating that system, haha. My friends tell me I have aesthetic tastes and an eye for color. Here's hoping. Aside from this hobby of mine, I work in a grocery store as a floral associate. I love industrial and ebm music, and I plan to go to college to study Graphic Design and/or Psychology. Any other rantings and ramblings can be found in my personal journal, ignacia .